Surf at Bondi Beach

About Bondi Beach

Lets go Surfing is the only officially licensed surf school on Bondi Beach. It is the most popular beach in Australia and famous around the world for its white sands, clean clear, water and great surf. Located just 7km from Sydney’s business district (an easy train/bus trip), it offers a wealth of activity: trendy and open-air restaurants, urban-style shops, hip Sunday markets, wide-open parks, beach-vibe bars and more…

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Quick facts about Bondi

  • Bondi is one of the rare area Australian East Coast beaches to face south. Most face east.
  • Bondi is named after an indigenous word meaning the sound of waves breaking over rocks.
  • On a hot day around 40,000 people will visit Bondi.
  • Swimming was banned at Bondi until 1906.
  • Bondi is home to a number of surfing clubs including the Bondi Longboard Club; the Bondi Surfing Club; and the Bondi Girls Surfriders Club.
  • There are saltwater swimming pools on each side of the beach that are open to the public: the Bondi Icebergs pool to the south and the North Bondi kids and rock pools to the north.
  • There are two lifesaving clubs on Bondi Beach.
  • Bondi currently has two television shows: Bondi Rescue and Bondi Vet.

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